NEW: SSECR Expert Database

Dear Members and Friends of the Swiss Society for Early Childhood Research,

A lot has been going on at the SSECR in the last few weeks. We are not only planning the upcoming 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting in Zurich (program coming soon) and preparing the 1st Academy for Early Childhood Researchers in September, but we have also created the SSECR expert database.

Why an expert database? One objective of the society is to increase the visibility and knowledge transfer in the early childhood field. We want to enable the science-practice transfer and make the multifaceted field of our society visible to the broad public. The expert database is intended to support networking between researchers, practitioners, policy makers, journalists and others in the field of early childhood.

Join the expert database today! All members of the society are welcome to join and start benefitting from the expert database. To do so, please go to this link and fill out the form (tip: you can check the society’s committee members profiles for inspiration). It takes less than 5 minutes to join the SSECR expert database community!

Last, the society is active in the Twitterverse! We would like to share with our followers any publications, job offers and news coming from our members. Don’t hesitate to tag us @SSECR_ or use our hashtags #SSECR_events #SSECR_research #SSECR_jobs in your tweets or email us with content you would like to share and we will forward it to our followers.

We are looking forward to meeting or seeing you again in November in Zurich!