Next Junior Network: Coffee/Tea and Talk

Thomas Morgenthaler will give us some insight into his PhD-project concerning the evaluation of children’s outdoor play to inform playground design. He is a PhD Student in P4Play, a European Joint Doctorate programme in Occupational Science for Occupational Therapists. In his presentation, Thomas will introduce P4Play and his research project

Our seventh session will take place on Monday February 28th 2022 at 13:00

Abstract of the presentation in the next session:

The evaluation of children’s outdoor play to inform playground design

Play is a fundamental right of all children. Public playgrounds are built for the purpose of play, regularly visited by children and their families. Playgrounds are often built with an adult-centered perspective not acknowledging children’s preferences, wishes, and needs. To have the users in mind is especially important when playgrounds consider socio-spatial inclusion for a diverse population including children with and without disabilities. One way to understand play provision on public playgrounds for diverse users is to investigate in environmental qualities of playgrounds. Such an inquirer gives an understanding of what playgrounds currently encompass as well as what might be needed for a good play provision. Research that considered perspectives of children with disability, their families and perspectives on play provision for children with a disability on public playgrounds have been widely investigated in qualitative research. This presentation will introduce a research project aiming to develop an audit tool that allows investigating environmental qualities on public playgrounds. 


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